• Start your day off right with our delicious Continental Breakfast Add-on Pack!
    • This convenient pack is the perfect way to fuel up for a busy morning or enjoy a leisurely breakfast in bed. It includes a delicious assortment of fresh fruits, creamy yogurts, and flaky pastries to fuel your mornings.

  • The Fireside Dinner Feast: A Culinary Adventure Under the Stars. Fire up the BBQ and treat your taste buds to a mouthwatering array of barbecue favorites that are sure to satisfy every craving.
    • Option 1: Beef Burger Feast, Indulge in the timeless flavors of outdoor grilling with our Classic BBQ Feast dinner pack. This pack includes;
      • 4 Juicy Beef Burgers topped with cheese & buns.
      • 6 Succulent Pork Belly Slices, expertly seasoned, offering a delightful combination of crispy skin and tender meat.
      • 4 Plump Corn on the Cob, sweet and charred to enhance their natural flavor.
    • Option 2: BBQ Variety, A feast for Grill Enthusiasts. This pack includes;
      • 8 Flavorful BBQ Sausages, bursting with savory goodness and ready to be cooked to your desired level of perfection.
      • 4 Tender Chicken Skewers, marinated in a blend of herbs and spices, offering a tantalizing contrast of smoky char and juicy tenderness.
      • 4 Fresh Corn on the Cob, providing a delicious side dish to accompany your grilled delights.

  • Campfire Essentials Pack: Everything You Need for a Cozy Evening by the Flames
    This pack includes everything you need to ignite and sustain the perfect fire, allowing you to relax and unwind under the starlit sky. Here's what's included:
    • Kindling: A generous supply of dry, easy-to-light kindling, sourced from sustainable sources, to help you kickstart your fire with ease.
    • Firewood: Premium-quality firewood, seasoned to perfection, providing long-lasting flames and consistent warmth throughout the evening.
    • Fire Starter Kit: A selection of fire starters, such as natural tinder or firelighters, to ensure hassle-free ignition and a quick start to your campfire experience.
    • S'mores Sensation Kit: Crafting Memories Around the Campfire: Imagine the flickering flames of a campfire, the cool night air tinged with the aroma of toasted marshmallows, and the anticipation of creating the perfect s'more. Our kit includes:
      • Gourmet Chocolate: Indulge in the rich, velvety goodness of artisanal chocolate bars, carefully selected to melt seamlessly with the warmth of toasted marshmallows.
      • Marshmallows: Experience the pillowy softness and caramelized exterior of marshmallows.
      • Artisanal Graham Crackers: Elevate your s'more game with our handcrafted graham crackers.
      • Roasting Sticks: Embrace the ritual of roasting marshmallows to golden perfection with our durable roasting sticks, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience around the campfire.
      • Gather around the campfire and create memories as you roast marshmallows under the starlit sky.



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